A simple mind

Call this post a cumulative list of grouches/wondering/rants. But there are a few things in life that I will just not understand and thus I list them here. They are in no particular order of preference and I am pretty sure I will keep growing this list. So here goes …

1. I will never get the kind of people who have LCD screens to watch movies in the cars. Now it’s a well known fact that I am an avid tweeter and I use my phone to text (at times) while driving and despite being a skilled practitioner, I know this is not a simple task. Infact, sometimes I find just changing the radio channels distracting. So I will not understand the kind of people who will want to see a movie in their car while driving because it can be terribly distracting! You are putting my life at risk and not even doing justice to that movie!

2. People who stop their car at the red light AFTER having crossed the stop line. It is there for a purpose people! Not just street art. Thankfully for us, we stay in a place like Delhi, where there aren’t very many people who use the zebra crossing because they have already jay-walked across the middle of the road while the light was green for cars. After all, there is a reason the Delhi cricket team is called Delhi Daredevils. It seems to be an apt title for all citizens of Delhi

3. Jaywalkers. #NuffSaid

4. Girls who in this biting cold wear close-to-nothing kind of sheer stockings to show off their ultra thin legs. It cannot be all about fashion in this  weather girl! Cover up for God’s Sake!

5. Taxes! … moving on …

6. No let’s come back to Taxes. Why do I have to pay them and why is it so much? And why is so much of my money being wasted in painting zebra crossings that no one is using anyway?!! *sulks*

7. Girls with ultra thin legs. I mean seriously! Where are you getting them from? … no wait… let’s change this to ultra thin girls. Do they not eat?!

8. Men who crib about lady drivers. Listen here dude! All the bus drivers, autorickshaw drivers, cycle rickshaw and cycle riders and most bike riders are men. And I am sure there is statistics somewhere to prove that in any given city, they are far more responsible for accidents than the women drivers. So STFU already will ya?!

9. Why is all the stuff that you love to eat always super fattening and the non-fattening stuff boring? With all the advances in science and technology, why hasn’t anyone figured out a way of making french-fries and chocolate that can be eaten guilt-free? Non-fattening beer? No? Listen, the earth is going to end anyway, we’re all going to die. So why not focus your funds and energies on things that can actually make a difference?!

10. Men who incessantly keep staring at you! You guys make me look down sometimes to check whether I’m wearing all my clothes. I am really not some piece of art on a wall you know. Give us some space!

11. Men who look past you. What are you gay?! 😉 *ok this is a fake point. Just had to put it in for the funnies*

12. PMS! No actually, guys who PMS. And seriously, ALL guys PMS. I will never get that. I’m sure there is science behind it but I am pretty sure most men don’t actually follow that. They just up and about decide – I am going to be grouchy today! And God bless the women around them then because not even chocolate will appease the beast 😛

13. MNS. Nope, I sure don’t understand it. Not yet. *It’s a private joke. Don’t ask.*

Well that’s about all I have right now. But like I said… I’m pretty sure I will keep adding stuff here. There’s a lot in life to amaze you. I’m sure you guys will keep giving me substance to abuse on my blog :P. And I am not inviting any arguments here after point number 8.

12 thoughts on “A simple mind

  1. People who stand outside of queues and when prompted say ‘I didn’t know there was a queue’ and the people who play loud music in the trains and never go deaf. I can’t get over these two categories most times…

  2. Skilled practitioner?! What was the longest text message you typed while driving? Or is it a tweet?! Also, I think the movies in the car are not really for the driver!

    Talking about fattening food, I also find these people who tweet about lip smacking food stuff irritating. Especially when am neck deep at work 😛

  3. hehe .
    To Point #2, in Delhi, when people are at a Red light, and there’s no traffic going across, let’s say, four of them will wait patiently, like nice law abiding citizens. The moment a fifth driver jumps the signal, all four will follow suit 😀

    Good one, and donate money for zebra crossings 🙂

  4. Interesting thoughts I must say….will keep response till point 8 …..it took me a time to understand whether they are mind blowing or blowing my mind….but i must say you made some interesting observations…

    point 1: Multitasking to me means, screwing several things at once…LCD is mainly meant for the co-passengers and not the driver…i have hardly seen anyone who is watching a stuff on LCD while driving, though i have seen a couple of times when the car is still.

    There is however no joy than doing one work at a time….after all Albert Einstein said “If you kiss a pretty girl while driving, you are not giving kiss the attention it deserves”.

    point 2: we have been taught since our old good school days “never look down”..people hardly look at the stop line on the road…their focus is all on the light…do we need to go back to school to re-learn few things….i think we must..

    point 3: no comments….you will always find one or the other.

    point 4: I haven’t seen any….let me know where i can find them….on a more serious note, what do we exactly mean by God’s sake, I have been fortunate to read few of the amazing spiritual books which includes, The holy Geeta, the holy Guru Granth , the holy bible and half of holy Kuran so far…apart from Kuran, no other book specifies any women’s position on clothing…

    point 5 and 6: You are one of few billion people who pays it….so the real question needs to be why not you?….I am an amature on Bible, however the best i can remember, some 2000 years ago, one of Jesus disciple (Peter) walks up to Jesus and says ” Its time to pay our taxes and we have no money”.Jesus says to Peter “Go and Fish”…and look into the mouth of first fish which you catch…interesting fact was Peter was a fisherman…he goes and starts fishing…the first fish which he catches, he looks into the mouth and sees coins….he collects and counts the coins…interestingly they were sufficient to pay his and Jesus taxes..that may give you Jesus position on taxes…even Jesus paid taxes…so why do we complain then….

    I am a big follower of an amazing speaker Jim Rohn and he says in one of his books called “five major pieces to life puzzles” “don’t wish life was easier, wish you were better”….”don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills to solve them” “work to develop yourself for better income rather than thinking of paying less taxes / or no taxes”…

    Point 7: Lets face the reality: Every unfit man looks himself like a body builder in mirror and every healthy woman fantasize of being size 0 in mirror…good thing is some make it in reality and some don’t….some enjoy being fit and some explain why they are not…The only thing I think all perfect shaped females work hard to keep them fit…they value they way they feel about themselves…

    Point 8: I believe that any women is the best drivers in the world….no second thought on that…

  5. On Point# 8, specifically talking about NCR drivers, both genders suck equally. On a different note, a good benchmark of disciplined driving would be the amount of honking one does.

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