Love being a #BigLoser

Admittedly I am writing this post while feasting on a gorgeous slice of double cheese burst spicy chicken pizza (but hey, what’s  girl to do when she’s trapped in office on a Friday evening waiting for her colleagues to get that piece of CSS code to work just right *curses IE*). Coming back to the point…

It all started somewhere mid-Feb when I was pinged on chat by a friend – “Would you like to be a #BigLoser?”. Clearly any normal person would be taken aback by such a question and their first reaction would be to see red. But clearly the word ‘Normal’ makes me feel like an oxymoron (Look ma, I made a funny!) and the presence of a ‘#’ in front of any string of words always manages to hold my attention. (Refer to an earlier confession about being a Twitteraholic

So obviously, my next question was “Err.. what do you mean?”

Friend: Well, @b50 has started this initiative on Twitter where people can sponsor other people who commit to lose a target amount of weight in a year (that would be by Feb 2012. So clearly the entire plan stands only if the world survives). The sponsors will commit a certain amount of money per kg lost to charity.

Now those who follow me on Twitter would know why this would catch my fancy as they have been relentlessly subjected to my constant rants on how I never lose any weight (this would be a good time to ignore the first few lines of this post). So this was clearly an opportunity I grabbed with both hands, after making my friend up the stakes for me to 100 Rs per KG. (In hindsight, that was a smart move. There is hope that the charity might get some moolah at least.)

Joining #BigLoser was perhaps one of the smartest moves I made in a long time. Had been struggling a long time to get into a consistent gyming routine and now the very many followers of this initiative, sharing their efforts and tips keeps me committed enough to make the effort of waking up early each morning. While the easiest thing to do each morning after the alarm rang at least 7 times was to switch it off and go back to sleep, now there is a motivation to go to the gym at least one more time this week than the last, so I can come back and eagerly report it to others on Twitter.

I had also wanted to join Gold Gym for a very long time, but had always put off making the investment as I was never sure I would go there regularly. Well now I am and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

It has also made me connect with and get tips from numerous others who I had perhaps not been interacting with earlier. These people might not know it, but they are a great source of inspiration on a daily basis.

So I write this post to offer my thanks to @nithinkd, for introducing me to the initiative and sponsoring me and most of all to @b50 for coming up with this fantastic idea. @SashG and the many others who offer tips and encouragement on a daily basis.

So with 2 slices of double cheese burst pizza and 2 slices of garlic bread down and with one glassful of renewed zeal to burn off them damn calories at the gym tomorrow morning, I can very proudly claim that I love being a #BigLoser.

(As for you God, you have just ensured very unfair and unequal distribution of fat and wealth in this world. I am willing to trade off this fat and accept that blank check please :|)

6 thoughts on “Love being a #BigLoser

  1. The first step, involves gathering information about you. You should develop an understanding of yourself, including your values, interests, aptitudes, abilities, personal traits and desired life style. You must also become aware of the relationship between self and occupational choice.

    • sunainak says:

      What you say sounds good in theory and I hope you guys are actually able to help. My personal experience with so called ‘career counselors’ long back had not been too good.

  2. Came across this blog and it’s kind of funny stuff. One has to spend few pounds to delicious KFC or pizza stuff to gain a few once one walk out of the store. We were told in school days, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”…now I wonder when sometimes I get sick, why a doctor never recommends one. Sometimes good eating habits works wonders than much needed sweating in the gym after a pound full of junk a day before. One question to ask yourself is “do you need food” or “do you want food”. If you need food, you will find it a healthy way made by mom. If you want food, you will find it at licking your fingers at KFCs or pizza stores (good product branding stuff). Gym helps you to lose calories, unfortunately does not reduce your cholesterol level due to trans fats. It’s simple as it can be “eat healthy stay healthy”…just needs to be done daily!!!!!
    The initiation by @b50 is good. However, there are always better ways for charity…rush to a slum nearby..Identify small kids who are deprived to study…pick them up and get them to school. One can support education for 3 -4 kids himself for a year than paying hefty amount at Gold Gym in that year…bottom line…don’t depend on others to do charity on your behalf…do it yourself!!!!!!You can’t make a difference to the whole world alone…but to a few for SURE!!!!

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