She crossed the road to chase the light so bright,
she was off chasing the sunshine.
Cannot tell one from the next;
Plunge ahead believing it’ll work out for the best.
There is no wrong here and no right
she was off chasing the sunshine.
she felt bad, she put up a fight,
ploughed, plundered, tired but still holding on tight.
she went off chasing the sunshine.

11 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. satya says:

    Stuck at the crossroads , blinded by the light ,
    Chasing the sun , isn’t that a lost fight?
    Indistinguishable , indifferent .
    Plunged ahead , oh the hope runneth over ,
    If neither wrong , nor right ,
    How hazy can be your sight ?
    Pushed to a corner , and still wield a sword ,
    Chasing the sun , doesn’t it get a bit blurred ? ,
    Ploughed and Plundered , escaping isn’t your “right”,
    to wither the storm , how loose can be your tight ?

  2. satya says:

    want to have a battle of poems ? where you write 4 lines quatrets and I write the complete opposite of it in another 4 lines . 🙂

  3. satya says:

    Your hope , my void ,
    Scream in a vacum , a dream so devoid ,
    of love and hate ,
    prize and bait ,
    so what can I catch too slippery to hold ,
    A surface beneath I would sleep ,
    with stories untold !

    😛 😛

    • sunainak says:

      Take a bow sir while I bow out graciously. I am just not good at stuff like this. And I ain’t taking up a challenge that I’m bound to lose 😉

    • sunainak says:

      Sure thing. I’m just sure it won’t be a rhyme. I ain’t upto the crime. So why make a booboo, which you will find hard to undo.
      Ok I’m out. 🙂

      • satya says:

        so where is the risk , has your creativity been all but frisked ,
        If it was all about finding hard to undo , experience wont be the flipside of a mistake named booboo 🙂

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