Photo Tweetup

What do you get when a bunch of photography enthusiasts get together on Twitter? Why a Tweet-up of course!

And that is exactly what is planned for tomorrow – 13 Feb 2010. Daksh Sharma (@indianterrain) and Mita Majumdar (@mita_majumdar) bitten by the photography bug have arranged a tweet-up at Red Fort (Delhi) at 8AM. (More details here – )

It’s open for all and you are welcome too :). We start early (kinda have to if we wanna reach by 8AM).

A bunch of us are getting together at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station and moving from there. I will be getting there along with Ananda Gupta (@aanondo) from Karol Bagh. We can give you a ride in our Metro cab if you wanna go with us :). If you do, plan to meet us by 7AM. (If you do, you can coordinate with @aanondo on his mobile – 9810401435 or leave me a tweet – @sunainak)

Daksh (@indianterrain) will be coming from GK. So if anyone wants to hitch a ride with him you can call him on his mobile – 9891700977

The list of other attendees is available on the twtvite link above. Feel free to hook up with them if you wanna join us.

We look forward to seeing you there 🙂


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